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Collin Morikawa – The Champion Golfer of the Year

Written by Scott Young

Oh how I love the The Open – to become The Champion Golfer of the Year requires true artistry, far more than any other golfing event during the calendar year and this year, Collin painted his piece as if Picaso himself.

Morikawa was precise. Precise in routine, precise in execution and precise with putter in hand, so much so he did not have a 3 putt all week long, impressive indeed considering some of the greens at Royal St George’s are upward of 150ft in length. Something lends me to believe, a swig from the old Claret will be saved for Mark O’Meara whom assisted a perfection searching Morikawa to dabble with the Saw grip inside that 15ft range back in February and the man whom, one could argue, set in motion the success that was decisive today.

For golf is about creating pictures, imagery and patterns that increase a golfers ROI. Back in February, right before the WGC -Workday Championship at The Concession, Collin not happy with his putting (again, the artist wanting to perfect his craft), sought O’Meara, older, wiser and the Champion Golfer in 1998 as fate would have it, to assist in creating a more repeatable stroke, with less face manipulation. The Saw!! Yes, I think Mark will be once again tasting bubbly from that ole claret when she adorns these here United States.

Collin’s formidable and tireless commitment to perfection, I do suggest is in contrast to the no less amazing Oosthuizen, who, in my opinion had todays script penned, many, many months and tournaments ago – (importantly, I hasten to add that I am an absolute huge fan of Louie, he appears on and off the course to be a man of profound class and kindness, possessing the most efficient golf mechanics on tour, and whom currently leads the field in putts holed inside 10 ft on PGA Tour) BUT, speaking factually, his tapestry or pictures to draw upon, or what ever the phrase one uses to describe the pictures and memories that form the creases in the brain that create our pattern of behavior, were set in stone earlier in the year starting with the Zurich Classic, against Leishman and Smith, needing only a solid drive to firm a win, Oosthuizen totally out of left field, and when it mattered most,  hit a drive obscenely right, out of play and into a lateral water hazard, ultimately leading to the loss of hole and the direct loss of the tournament. Having been there myself – memories create pictures, and if those pictures are negative, self doubt will grow, and grow……. and again in the PGA, with the tournament firmly in his grasp, the same characteristic occurred – nervously carving a ball straight right into the water on 13 eliminating any chances of victory therein.

What’s my point – certainly not to bash the phenomenal Louie Oostheizer, moreover illustrate we, as golfers, repeat what we picture, and what we picture is powerful. Those two or three missed shots, all those months ago, for Oosthuizen I can guarantee, whether consciously or sub-consciously created a pattern of sub-performance for him this week when it mattered most, with my suggestion for him being to play those shots over, creating new outcomes and pictures, that will return a more desired outcome. It is just the same patterning as you all preformed when it was your new important job interview on the line. We present what we picture!! And so, it would seem being in a post Tiger Era, we have a young 24 year old Morikawa, standing all of 5’9”, 160lbs and an older statesman Jordan Spieth, a whopping 6’1” and 175lbs, both of whom may not DeChambeau the ball 364 yds in the air, but may, just may, have stronger mental fortitude than even the mightiest of swords. For those into SSWING this week, like Collin, perfect that stroke, for at least 10 minutes every session – I have The Putting Arc set up, ready and waiting and for those of you around the world, please visit to order yours today.

Yours in golfing and most sincerely,