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Scheffler cements #1 with Masters Victory

Written by Scott Young

This Masters, our world number one cemented his claim to the worlds top spot, with triumph, poise, grace and clarity

Masters week - other than the air of anticipated excitement the week of Christmas brings to my home, watching my kids scramble to the Christmas tree, before the sun has peeped a glimmer of light, Masters week is my favorite week of the year for the clarity of triumph that adorns the champion, year after year. The Masters can not simply be won, it has to be devoured.....the tournament simply never disappoints.

This Masters, our world number one cemented his claim to the worlds top spot, with triumph, poise, grace and clarity: clarity of game plan; grace in the eyes of failure (his chip in on #3, after missing the green); poise to remain present and trust his wedge distance (which to me appears to be 125yds - he had that number 3 times today  and three times he got up and down), and lastly triumph - as he eased his lanky  personality into a 44 long;  Green Jacket.

In my opinion, Scheffler was phenomenal, simply not faltering during the infamous back nine at Augusta, like so many have before him, and like young Cam Smith succumbed too yesterday. I personally love watching the majors, hoping that come Sunday, victory is besieged and not merely out-lasted. Yesterday, Scheffler was a ferocious as Napoleon himself, besieging township after township, in a quiet destruction of a formidable opponent - all 11 stories, 352 acres, and 18 exquisite greens, of her.

Some pieces of yesterdays triumphant puzzle are important to note. Firstly, two time green jacket caddy, Ted Scott - the old wise owl, sitting atop and pupeting the strong young bull, attacking ferociously the Augusta chess board with vagrant abandon. Ted, whom guided Bubba to two green jackets previously, was steadfast as he was calm, nudging Scheffler to be calm in moments of pressure and aggressive in moments of calm, I believe earned a sleeve of that 44 long, and perhaps even the breast logo pocket too.

The other stroke of genius, other than emotional intelligence far older than his years, Scottie's wedges. They were, without being over dramatic - exquisite.

4th round of a major - hardly a breathe of wind, the worlds best chasing and the most pure of greens, and Scheffler's wedges earned the other aforementioned sleeve. For those three clubs (50' 12', 56' 14' - so important and 60' 4') bailed him out of trouble on countless occasions, countless hours of footage that he can replay to draw strength in numerous majors to follow.....11 greens and 11 saves during the last round, with a wedge in hand (at my count), was the difference. Whilst Scottie piped some drives as long as the best of them, it was his wedge game that won him The Masters. One only has to look at saves on the 1st, 3rd (chip in birdie), 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th.......13, 14, 15 and just the most gorgeous par save on 17, to really unwind the tapestry of his victory.

Hence SSWING is built to deliver and improve your processes, and attention to detail and those processes  return improvement.

As so many of you have, please lock in a SSWING Scoring System lesson (half to half, half to full, full to full with your wedges) and bounce chipping as soon as you can, for like our new world #1, you will use your wedges more than any club in the bag, to create golfing confidence and will return to you, your own Masters victory - be in against your mates for lunch, college play-off or state amateur.

I can't wait to see you at SSWING!

Most sincerely,